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My name is Mary-Beth and I would like to tell you about my experience with Lymphatic massage.

I'm a breast cancer survivor. I had a double mastectomy and lymph nodes taken out of both arms. I started go to Christella Gonsorcik 4 weeks after my surgery.

I didn't want to get lymphedema in my arms. I started going for lymphedema massages. I went everyday then I got down to just going when I need to go. That only took about 6 months. I am going on 4 years and my arm is doing great.
It does work if you keep up with it.

It is a very relaxing and Christella is a joy to work with.


An auto accident many years ago, left me very susceptible to neck strains. After a very busy work day, full of lifting large dogs (I am a veterinary technician at a major teaching hospital); I came home and helped to move a new refrigerator into our kitchen. By the next morning, I was in severe pain and unable to move my head or neck. I went to my doctor, received some muscle relaxants and was told to rest. A few more days and not much relief, so I called Chris Gonsorcik and got almost total relief after only 2 sessions. Not only did she help the immediate problem, but she showed me some very good stretches that I do daily to keep my neck in good shape. 

This was the most recent injury that Chris was able to help me with. I have gone to her many times over the last 3 years, and have never been less than satisfied. She is a godsend - the perfect mix of technical expertise, professionalism, compassion and empathy. I would never hesitate to recommend Chris Gonsorcik's massage therapy to anyone!


Deb Gibbs
Douglas, MA 


As a portrait photographer, I spend many hours hunched over behind the camera and then later in front of my computer.  My neck and shoulders carry the burden of my profession.  When this led to an actual injury, I sought the care and consult of Christella Gonsorcik at Webster Lake Massage Therapy.  Her massage treatments targeted and corrected my issues in a way that other spas could not even come close to healing.  Christella's knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics is solid and clearly showed when she took the time to educated me on injury prevention as it related both to my profession and my love of triathlons.


Jennifer Tonelli
Webster, MA 

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