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Christella Gonsorcik LMT

Services and Rates

I offer a variety of massages, techniques, and treatments including:

Swedish massage This classic massage is whole body, wellness oriented. It aims to reduce muscular tension, increase circulation, improve joint mobility, promote healthy skin, and create an overall sense of relaxation and well-being.

Deep Tissue massage For those looking to address chronic muscular spasms and trigger points throughout the body. Relieve pain and discomfort while increasing flexibility and range of motion in both the soft tissue and joints.

Sports & Occupational massage Designed for the particulare needs of the active person. Ease away aches and pains through a combination of deep and light tissue massage along with active range of motion.

1/2 hour $40                         1 hour $70                   90 minutes $100

Hot Stone massage Enjoy the combination of smooth heated stones along with the hands of the therapist in this style of massage. It deeply enhances the relaxation response. $90

Tucking & Reiki A very relaxing polarity treatment that will relax and rejuvenate the entire body while the client is fully clothed. The body feels suspended while joints and contours are supported by soft fabric. This treatment is recommended for [but not limited to] those who cannot receive a hands on massage due to heart problems, medications, or other medical reasons. $70

 Exfoliate, stimulate, and moisturize your skin and end with a massage. Choose from sugar, salt, or seaweed mud. Great for dry skin.

Back $60          Hand & arm $50          Foot & leg $50               Hands $30               Feet $30  


Pregnancy massage Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel papered, but offers undeniable physical benefits as well. It can relieve fatigue, enhance sleep, and calm an active baby. During the entire term of the pregnancy, massage can stimulate blood flow and thus help prevent anemia. An increase in muscle tone and flexibility will alleviate leg cramps and spasms. A variety of techniques, pillows, and specially designed cushions will be used. $70

Seated Chair massage Available for parties, company wellness, and business events. 


I accept major insurances. 


Please inquire about pricing by contacting my office or filling out the contact form.


Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

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